Posted: August 28, 2011 in Keyakinan / About Faith

Human Asks: Why would I be tested?
Responding Qur’an:
Do men think that they will be left (alone) said: “We believe”, they are not tested? (See QS.Al-Ankabuut: 2).

“And verily We have tested those before them, Allah knows those who really and truly He knows those who lie”. (See also QS.Al-Ankabuut: 3)

Human Asks: Why did not I tested it with things that are good?
Responding Qur’an:
“… Maybe you hate something, but he is very good for you, and may be (too) ye love a thing while he is very bad for you, God knows, and ye know not”. (See QS.Al-Baqarah: 216)

Human Asks: Why am I given the exam this weight?
Responding Qur’an:
“Allah does not burden a person but according to his capacity … … ….” (See QS.Al-Baqarah: 286)

Human Asks: Can I got frustrated and desperate?
Responding Qur’an:
“Do not be weak, and not (too) ye grieve, but you’re the people who are the highest (rank), if ye are believers.” (See QS.Ali Imraan: 139)

Human Asks: Can I despair?
Responding Qur’an:
“… And do not despair of the mercy of God. Surely not despair of the mercy of God, but the unbelievers “. (See QS.Yusuf: 87)

Human Asks: How can I face the test of life?
Responding Qur’an:
“O ye who believe, be patient and strengthen your patience and stay on the alert (on the border of your land) and bertaqwalah to God that ye may prosper”. (See QS.Ali Imraan: 200)

“Make your patience and prayers as penolongmu. And indeed so it is really hard, except for people who khusyu ‘”. (See QS.Al-Baqarah: 45)

Human Ask: How to strengthen my heart?
Responding Qur’an:
“…. Allah is sufficient for me: there is no god but Him. Only in Him I put my trust … …. “(See QS.At-Tauba: 129)

Human Asks: What I learned from all this exam?
Responding Qur’an:
“Verily Allah has purchased of the believers, themselves and their property by giving haven to them … … ….” (See QS.At-Tauba: 111)



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